The Bush Response team is winning the war on the public's perception of their response to Katrina

Here's a Blog of Notice on the Blogger main page. Here's the first paragrahp of his response to Michael Moore:

Dear Mr. Moore,My name is Josh Norman. I am a reporter with the SunHerald of Biloxi, Mississippi. Last Sunday and Monday, I was in Biloxi when the eye of Hurricane Katrina passed over my head as a category 4.It was terrifying.Immediately after the storm, I went out and reported on the disaster. I met families destroyed, saw neighborhoods reduced to their concrete foundations, smelled death and dispair and heard the disbelief roll off of everyone's toungue. Disaster, perhaps, is therefore not strong enough of a word.What will be a disaster is a divided and bickering nation.

I understand what Mr. Norman is saying, but boy howdy do I disagree with him that Michael Moore is the problem here.

My comment:

By the time Karl Rove is done manning the PR campaign for Bush, the hurricane will have been caused by the 9th ward.

Geez, how many get out of jail free cards does Bush get? He's not the only person to blame, for sure - more could have been done for the people of NO prior to the storm, but he was eating cake and pretend strumming a guitar with a freaking presidential seal on it while people were drowning. He set the tone for the entire rescue effort: we'll get to it when we're done raising money for fellow Republicans.

The aftermath of Katrina is being treated like a trial balloon for privatization of emergency response. This response is what we can expect in a future under the Republican party - except they've learned some valuable lessons: keep the media out, make sure there are scary stories about the people who are left behind so everyone will think they deserve to die. FEMA will become the agency that manages the media's access to emergency response.

I don't give a shit about Michael Moore, but Jesus Christ, don't let Bush get away with doing nothing in response to a crisis!

I really don't give a shit about Michael Moore. I suppose it's his job to be a media gadfly and poke, poke, poke at the Republicans. Whatever. The criminal negligence of the Bush administration in the aftermath of Katrina could not possibly involve Michael Moore less.

Mr. Norman is getting a lot of positive, anti-Democratic responses to his post. Right now, I'm almost as pissed off at the Democrats as I am at the Republicans, but there is a better and a worse, and right now, Bush's evil shitbag of a handler, Karl Rove, is managing the PR and actually convincing people that the problem here is criticizing the Bush administration response...while at the same time smearing and sliming the locals and the victims.

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