Barbie was right

Math *is* hard.

I only got a 75 on the test, which was disappointing, because I thought I did better. I have a few bones to pick with the teacher. First of all, she only gave partial credit for three questions about what property was demonstrated by the question - because I only wrote commutative or associative or distributive, and didn't include the operation. However, the question asked us for the property, not the operation, so I think I should get full credit for those questions.

Also, it was only by chance I found out that that particular section was worth 12 points. The teacher took one point off each question for not listing the operation, but instead of taking off 3 points, she took off 6 points from my test. I only discovered this when I overheard someone else ask the teacher why she got 6 points for the section when the person who sat next to her, who had the exact same answers, got 9 points.

So I'm going to go to class early on Wednesday and point out that the questions asked for the property only - the problem itself told us the operation. And I'm going to ask that on the next test, we are told how much each question is worth, so we can tell on our own whether it was graded correctly.

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