3 events, 2 parents, 1 car, same time

Tonight, there are 3 events on our calendar

1. Parent Information night at Monkey's School
2. Informational meeting for students and parents who are considering Yale University
3. My math class

Each one of these events starts at 7pm. We have one car. Loki worked last night, so he's unconscious right now, so even though there are two parents, realistically speaking there is just me. I am loathe to skip class, because 20% of my grade is attendance and participation. But we've already missed one big school event because of school.

I'm not sure what I'm going to do yet.

UPDATE: Sio realized she put the Yale info meeting on the wrong date on the calendar, so I went to math class, Sio went to Parent Information Night, and Loki and Monkey stayed home and read more of The Green Pearl

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