On the bus

The ladies on my bus are angry. They believe that George W. Bush and the whole administration want to kill the poor black folks in New Orleans so their friends can make money buying up the property of the dead and building hotels and vacation properties. They are outraged that the Bush administration is trying to blame the people who didn't leave for causing their own problems. They don't believe there have been any rapes or gangs shooting at rescue workers. They believe that the Bush administration took advantage of the flood to rid themselves of a population they don't like. And the ladies on the bus believe that this is how a whole lot of white people feel about black people - they feel that they are seeing how White America really feels about black people.

And you know, I really can't say anything to argue with them. Some of that is tinfoil hattish, but I certainly couldn't argue that the Bush administration showed that poor black folks have any value. When the rebuilding happens, it's going to be Bush administration cronies who get the contracts to do the work.

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