We've got this theatrical event going on in Washington right now. Roberts sits there non-answering questions, Senators are straining to decipher some meaning from his non-answers, everyone is admitting that Roberts will win the appointment and the whole thing is really just ridiculous.

I mean, if Roberts isn't entirely upfront and honest, it's not like they can recall him from the Supreme Court, right? Clearly it is in his best interest to avoid committing to any positions. And if he did commit to an opinion, if the same sort of issue came in front of the court again, he could just plead that the facts of the case were different than the question he was asked during the Confirmation hearings. The whole process is flawed.

I don't think Roberts should be appointed. I know we've had judges on the Supreme Court with less experience, but they also had a public record that a Committee could assess. In Roberts, we've got a candidate with a limited public record. All we know about him is from work he did as a lawyer. He's made no stunning legal decisions from the bench. There is nothing in his career to distinguish him as an exceptional mind, and his association with the Reagan administration should give all Democrats on the committee pause.

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