Civil Union, Table for Two? Right this way, please

Gay Marriage? I'm sorry, you're not on the list.

There is good news and sort of bad news for gay folks who are thinking about coming to Connecticut*.

The good news?

"Civil unions performed in other states are entitled to full faith and credit in Connecticut..." said Attorney General Richard Blumenthal

The (sort of) bad news:

Out-of-state same-sex marriages have no legal force and effect here," Blumenthal wrote in a legal opinion requested by the state's Department of Public Health, which administers marriage licenses.

I say this is only sort of bad news because if you have a same-sex marriage, that means you live in a state where (even if only temporarily), sanity has prevailed and you are living with the full rights and privileges that all of us are supposed to have. So why would you want to leave?

The other part of the sort-of bad is that I think this sets a precedent, in the first state that approved civil unions via the legislature, of a "separate but equal" status for gay people who just want to pair bond, already. Civil Union yes, Gay Marriage, no.

*If you are thinking of coming to CT, you should come right now because we are having California weather. Nice and cool at night, perfect for sleeping (which is what we do in CT at night, because unless it's Thursday, Friday or Saturday, everything is dead by 8pm) and warm and sunny during the day. You can't stay at my house, though, because I haven't done much cleaning recently and we don't have a spare bed.

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