I've been feeling so overwhelmed for the past few days. These are the things that I'm currently working on:

Massive clean-up project at work, scanning all purchasing and meeting documents and getting them up on the website

Cleaning my house - an ongoing nightmare

Painting the kitchen - I think it's time to finally decide on a paint color, since I've had color swatches up on the walls & cabinets for nearly 2 years

Sight-reading medieval hymns for a friend who needed a last minute substitute

Preparing for my big solo at a concert next week

Preparing my string quintet to accompany my solo - I still haven't heard the violin soloist yet!

Preparing for the concert generally - difficult to do when the teacher has no idea what time we're supposed to be there.

Helping Sio study for her AP test

Helping Sio learn her lines for the one-acts she doing at school

Dropping subtle hints for what I want for Mother's Day (You know what would be nice, Loki? Not handwashing the dishes anymore would sure be nice. I wish there was some sort of automated machine that would wash dishes, because then none of us would have to handwash dishes again!)

Balancing the checkbook, examining the savings account and realizing we can't afford to give Sio the 16th birthday she deserves

Those are just a few things, off the top of my head. Plus, reading the news everyday has my Outrageometer constantly set at: WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK!, which I don't think is necessarily a healthy level to keep.

Okay, I feel better now that it's in black and white. It's not as overwhelming as it feels. The family will help clean and paint, the concert will be brief and I know I'll get an A in the class, the kids are good musicians and they'll show up and be prepared, Sio will do great on her AP World History test, and I know she doesn't want my help studying for the AP Chemistry test. I might not get a dishwasher, but at least I'm not the only one who does dishes. Sio isn't getting a big 16th birthday, but she does get to go to London and Greece this summer, so I know she won't take it to heart.

Now, all we need is to get the Fundies and the Bush administration out of the picture, and everything will be better.

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