Friday Random Next Blogging

In honor of Monkey's 8th birthday, which is tomorrow, I'm randomly visiting 8 blogs today, because I can never get on the computer at home.

Erin's Fitness and Diet Log

Erin has a goal to goal to lose weight and fat, and she seems to be doing pretty well. But her goal weight seems too low to me - I'm only 5'2", and 135 is my goal weight. Erin is 5'8".


written by Guiseppe in Milan, Italy - in English! You can tell it's not his first language, but he gets the point across, and I like what he has to say about the evolution/creation "debate" in Kentucky (can you have a debate when only one side comes to the table?)


authored by a different kos, en espanol (or possibly Portuguese?)

Etcetera, Whatever

I recommend reading his post called "Soldiers of Christ", it's a very interesting read.


Nice pics, and I like her URL name.

Political Asylum

"a Refuge for Progressives, Liberals, and other Thought Criminals"


a non-partisan, non-violent media watchdog group. It's a pretty good read.

Fine Whine

This one is written by a woman in her 60's who is raising at least one of her grandkids (maybe more than one). It's kind of heartbreaking. I want to give this woman a hug (and I'm not a huggy person). But she's wrong about Michael Crichton and global warming.

Well, there you have it - no adverblogs this week, which is good.

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