I'm It

The lovely Shakespeare's Sister has tagged me with this questionnaire, which is making me feel all Sally Field, because I'm a big dork. Anyway, here we go:

Three names you go by (that won't give away your identity): Moe, Mom....I'm woefully bereft of nicknames. My father used to call me Monikey-monikey, though.

Three screen names you've had: sijoma, jomasima, lokison

Three physical things you like about yourself: My feet are very nicely shaped with toes that are the appropriate proportion to their peers; I have great hair - a lovely shade of coppery red with natural curls (but not too curly); and great tits. I can't waffle on that, they are terrific, and tend to be the only thing that most men look at when they talk to me.

Three physical things you don't like about yourself: I wish I had a longer neck, that I was taller (I'm the only shorty in my family), and that I hadn't been born with hip dysplaysia.

Three parts of your heritage: potatoes, Guinness, lamb...i.e., Irish, Irish and Irish.

Three things you are wearing right now: jeans, socks, and my favorite bra.

Three favorite bands / musical artists: Ben Folds, Nellie McKay, Talking Heads.

Three favorite songs: Army by Ben Folds Five, Caterpillar Girl by The Cure, and Take Me To The River by the Talking Heads

Three things you want in a relationship: humor, honesty, consideration.

Three physical things about the preferred sex that appeals to you: I find both genders physically appealing, but I'm more hetero than not, so here goes: big hands, slightly taller than average, slim but not slight.

Three of your favorite hobbies: watching movies/tv shows, reading, theater.

Three things you want to do really badly right now: Take a vacation, eat a cheeseburger, quit my job

Three things that scare you: jumping into the water feet-first, my 16 year old driving, losing my job.

Three of your everyday essentials: water, sunglasses, sunscreen

Three careers you have considered / are considering: Midwife, Music Teacher, Actress

Three places you want to go on vacation: Paris, Barcelona, New Zealand

Three kids' names you like: I love my children's names, plus Declan.

Three things you want to do before you die: learn another language, publish a novel, meet my great-grandchildren

Three ways you are stereotypically a boy: I *never* hear that noise in the middle of the night; I can wake up, take a shower, and be out of the house within 20 minutes, I don't decorate.

Three ways you are stereotypically a girl: I moisturize every day, I like getting dressed up and feeling pretty, I crave chocolate and salt 4 or 5 days a month.

Three celeb crushes: Daniel Day-Lewis, Jason Bateman, Eddie Izzard

I'll have to pass this on to 3 people who actually read this blog, so I'll go with: The Chemist, JRH at Upon Further Review, and Jill at Brilliant at Breakfast.

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