Death Penalty

In slightly less than an hour, convicted serial killer Michael Ross will receive a lethal injection, and become the first person executed in New England in 45 years.

As I was flipping through channels tonight (avoiding cleaning my house for the party on Saturday), I witnessed a local news anchor promoting his program - "I'm going to witness Michael Ross's death - nbc30 brings you the top news, first!" - which is just gruesome, regardless of how one feels about the death penalty.

I have avoided reading about this story, because I'm conflicted. I really am. Because I can see that the families of the victim really want this, they feel it will bring them closure. And I can read that Michael Ross wants to die.

At the same time, I don't think the state should be killing people. Even reprehensible people. I can't imagine witnessing someone's death as bringing me any kind of satisfaction. If Dick Cheney was strapped down to a table and filled with chemicals that would kill him, I don't think I could watch. I don't think it would make me feel whole again.

Death begets death. Capital punishment just doesn't seem like a real solution, it seems like a way to avoid a solution.

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