One of my pettier qualities (and I have a lot of them) is my obstinance at participating in popular cultural activities* (unless I discover them before they become popular, like Harry Potter**, Stephen King*** pre-accident, Buffy the Vampire Slayer**** etc.)

I confess to carrying some pride over having never watched an episode of "Everyone Loves Raymond", I've never read a single Michael Chrichton (sp?) book, and I've never seen a single Star Wars movie.

That's about to change.

Damn those idiot right-wingers, but I have no other choice.

*Because I'm a liberal elite, of course. I'm the most elitist administrative assistant ever.

**I read the first book before it became huge in England, let alone here in the U.S. I feel partly responsible for the success of the series, because a local radio host has a monthly book show where people phone in recommendations, and I was the first person who recommended HP on her show.

***I started reading Stephen King before he published Carrie. It all started because I was on an Edgar Allen Poe kick, and the Horror section of the library also contained Stephen King. That was circa 1978-79, so I was 9 or 10. And yet I can't watch a scary movie, even today.

****I actually paid money to see the movie, and even though the movie kind of sucked, I kind of loved it anyway. Plus, Joss Whedon zinged the Young Republicans in the movie, and that was the start of my Whedon love.

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