Over at Shakespeare's Sister, inspired by a post from one of her regular commenters, Paul, is looking for a theme song for her blog.

This challenge has forced me to face something about myself. I'm not really a music lover. Well, that's too harsh - I do love music. But I mostly love music that I can sing along with. I don't always listen carefully to lyrics, and I'm totally out of the loop on what is cool. I don't care how great a songwriter, say, Kate Bush is, I can't listen to her because I can't sing along with her (or I don't enjoy singing along with her, anyway). I like the odd Tom Waits songs I have in my collection, but I rarely put those CDs on because I can't sing along with old Tom without hurting myself. On the other hand (bless me father for I have sinned), if a Journey song comes on the radio, I cannot help but sing along with it. I know all the words to a great many Eagles songs, because Don Henley and I have a similar range. How many Hail Marys does that earn me?

Anyway, I've decided that this blogs theme song is going to be The Cure's Caterpillar Girl, only because it makes me feel kind of happy inside.

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