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Because I didn't get an iPod for Mother's Day!

ZippiKnits - ooh, a knitting blog! I learned how to knit shortly after I gave birth to Sio (which is nearly 16 years ago). I was home with this charming happy baby, and kind of bored (Sio was a much easier baby than I had any right to expect - it's not much work when your baby only smiles and laughs), so we spent a lot of time at the library, which was a long walk from our apartment. One of the books I took out was called "The Learn To Knit Afghan", which gave directions for making 30 or so squares of knitted fabric to piece together into an afghan.

I learned how to knit and purl, but I never had the patience to make the whole afghan. My completed projects are primarily scarves (no counting required after the first row). I've also made one sweater that I never put together, for Monkey (still in a plastic bag in my attic, waiting to be put together for a grandchild), one sweater that I put together with one sleeve inside out*, for my friend Melissa's first child, and a few baby hats.

Sio, OTOH, is a very good knitter, and has made several sweaters without using a pattern at all.

The author of this blog seems like an absolutely lovely woman, she knits beautiful things and takes care of tortoises. What a nice first stop for our random tour!

Up next, we visit Coisas de Laurinha, authored by Laura from the United States, and written in Portuguese.

Atras da cortina is also in Portuguese, but the author, Susie, is in Portugal.

Next we have ARmageddon is written in English, but it's written by IT Analyst Relations professionals, so even though I recognize the individual words, I don't quite follow the meaning.

sabor a sal contains some beautiful pix, and I think this is also in Portuguese.

I think we'll stop there for today. With all this Portuguese, I'm suddenly craving some of the goodies at one of the Portuguese bakeries in Provincetown. There is one that sells these pastries that have shrimp inside....sooo good.

*It was an accident, and I was too tired of looking at the damn sweater to correct it.

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