If there were a God, would He *Really* be on the side of the assclowns?

And if so, why on earth should rational people believe in Him?

My mind is just reeling over the fact that the assclowns on the right are more upset about a magazine reporting on atrocities (real or fictional) than they will ever be over our government engaging in war and other assorted atrocities (real) because of the existence of Saddam Hussein's WMD's (fictional).

I just read on a certain celebrity blog that the White House is asking Newsweek to apologize.

Pardon me while my fucking brain explodes


It seems simple to me. If you mislead, distort, LIE to go to war, if you change the rules of war so you can torture people, if you create a Gitmo, if you refuse to allow fair trials for suspects, if you are responsible for getting us into a situation that results in pictures like these YOU DON'T GET TO BE OUTRAGED WHEN REPORTERS REPORT ON THE FUCKING ILLEGAL AND IMMORAL SHIT YOU ARE DOING!!!!!

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