I5BOTD 5/5/05

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chosen because we're currently dinosaur obsessed at our house. Monkey and I are building a dinosaur out of recycled materials (oj cartons, wire hangers, paper towel and toilet paper tubes, empty tissue boxes, etc.). I tend to get a little carried away with these kinds of projects.

In 1st grade, Monkey had to make an imaginary animal, and she was really struggling, so I just sat down and made my own, figuring she would find some inspiration in my haphazard attempt. Except that my imaginary animal turned out to be really cool - I used a lunch size brown paper bag as the body, stuffed with newspaper, and I cut scales out of bits of wrapping paper. I made the tail fins from construction paper, made eyes out of buttons, and in the top of the fish, I put a pipe cleaner that was shaped into a loop, which I could use to blow bubbles.

This imaginary animal project was great, btw - the kids had to not only make an imaginary animal, but explain why the animal had the features it had - a little evolutionary biology in action! Monkey's project was a gazelle that had a snake like body, and she said it developed that way because not only did it run in open plains, but it also spent a lot of time in crowded forests, so it could use its flexibility to maneuver through the dense undergrowth.

Anyhoo, back to the I5BOTD - this blogger is in Concord, California, which happens to be the birthplace of both Tom Hanks and Loki, both of whom share 2001: A Space Odyssey, as their favorite movie.

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