Of all their outrageous abuses of power, this is the latest

This article on MSNBC.com indicates that Osama bin Forgotten again, because the Bush Administration has a new public enemy number one: Richard Clarke.

The Bush administration has refused to declassify everything Clarke said in his previous testimony - they are only looking for select tidbits that may appear contradictory to Clarke's more recent testimony. You know, contradiction, like the brilliant Daily Show bit where they showed a debate between candidate Bush and President Bush, and all the contradictions between what he said on the campaign trail and what he said/did in office. I, for one, feel if contradiction is good enough for our president, it's good enough for Richard Clarke.

UPDATE: Josh Marshall, who is actually a professional writer*, does a great analysis of this very article here.

*(as opposed to certain bloggers who have to punch out their occasionally incoherent thoughts whenever they can grab a spare moment between work-parenthood-homeowner responsibilities).

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