It takes more than votes to get a candidate elected

Ezra over at Pandagon has a post up called "Entering The Fray". His concept of a Democratic Defense Force is a good idea, and I am going to help out by writing letters (because, in case you couldn't tell by my pre-built template, I'm no programming whiz).

I think we also need a Democratic Offense Force to counter the various RNC spin points that make it into so many articles written by the lazy press corps. Bush has tons of attack dogs who pounce on every single thing Kerry says or does, thereby turning nothing stories (foreign leaders! jock straps!) into headlines. It helps take some pressure off Bush the candidate from going negative (although not too much - I'm sure his inner bully has a hard time staying repressed). It wouldn't hurt the Democrats to have some attack dogs of their own who can keep heaping the pressure on the Bush team to defend him. Not necessarily on items of importance (because those are complicated and require journalists to do work!), but on items that a David Letterman or Jay Leno might find amusing (like Bush's comments to at least 2 different men about what beautiful faces they have.)

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