Finally getting to listen to Air America

Okay, I'm listening to the Bill Maher interview on Majority Report, now that I've had a chance to finally sit down (Wednesday: Smarty has Chamber Orchestra, Monkey has Ballet. At the same time, on opposite ends of town.) I hope I haven't missed Atrios yet.

I haven't listened to commercial radio in years, btw, and I only rarely listen to public radio. I forgot about stinking commercials. I'm going to have to go outside and kiss my car CD player, and then I'll have to kiss my sweet husband, who bought it for me.

They are currently talking about indecency. Maher is coming off very well, I think. Garofalo seems like she's trying a wee bit too hard. Seder must be the radio professional who keeps things moving? I never heard of him before, but he has that radio kind of voice that makes me zone out.

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