Everyone's okay

We have a car that is not entirely roadworthy. It is registered and insured, and it is basically used to shuttle children within a 5 mile radius. There are many things wrong with the car, including a fan that doesn't work. So today, the Mr. and Monkey were filling the car up with gas, and the Mr. (who worked the last 10 nights in a row) left the car running while he put the gas in. Monkey got out of the car to hang with him, but she locked all the doors so no one could take her stuffed animals. This meant they were locked out of a running car that overheats fast.

The Mr. is extremely knowledgeable about a host of topics: he can explain quantum mechanics, he knows a boatload about astronomy, he is extremely well-read and is familiar with the myths of dozens of different cultures, but a car guy, he ain't. He panicked, and called me to rescue them because he thought something terrible would happen, like the car would explode.

Well, by the time I got there, he got the door open on his own, everything was fine, and lucky me got to leave work earlier than expected. (Which is really good because my computer was being upgraded so I couldn't do any work except for filing, which I abhor).

I sort of lost my emotional steam for the piece I was writing earlier, but my mind is percolating with a new post that I will hopefully have up by tomorrow.

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