After reading several prominent bloggers post about the lack of female authored blogs (it was International Women's Day, they wanted to keep it topical), I decided to set aside some of that precious time I ordinarily spend sleeping to start a blog of my own. This way, on the next International Women's Day, the prominent bloggers can start another topic of interest to women, like "Why do women like to avoid conflict?" That will probably inspire me to pick fights with people.

The title of my blog originally comes from a Thomas Gray poem (which is probably best known for the contribution of the following lines: "where ignorance is bliss, 'tis folly to be wise."), but I chose it based on the Christopher Durang play "Laughing Wild", which is a very funny play, although mushier and sunnier than typical Durang play - there isn't quite as much viciousness. The full line is "laughing wild amid severest woe".

I don't necessarily think right now is a time of severest woe, but there is a war going on, a Republican in the White House, Tom DeLay has a shitload of power, and catching the guy who is actually responsible for killing 3000 people (not just Americans) has been set aside in favor of catching the guy who.... well, I know Saddam Hussein was a bad guy, bad for his own people, but I'm stumped if I can figure out what he did to us.

My blog will not be purely political, though - there are lots of bloggers male and female who are covering the topic well. I will also talk about marriage, children, pets (Basset Hound blogging, here we come), music, religion, theater, the trials of being a working parent, the difficulties of being a pedestrian in a car friendly world, growing up in an abusive, alcoholic home (no, don't leave, I have funny stories, I promise!), Alzheimer's disease, knitting, and probably lots of other things as well. I look forward to hearing from my readers (Hi, mom!).

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