Color me confused about the response to CalPundit's latest post on the Spanish elections.

Right wingers are displaying a Vizzini-like display of logic here. If you vote for the PP after they failed to protect you from a terrorist attack, that is teaching the terrorists a lesson, because the PP is serious about terror. You know the PP is serious about fighting terror, because they sent Spanish soldiers to Iraq, where there was no evidence of Al Qaida presence prior to the War on Terror. If you vote for the PSOE, you are voting for the terrorists, even though the attack happened under the watch of the PP.

According to Bush-proppers, the people of Spain were made deeply stupid and terrified by their recent grief and drank out of the wrong cup. The iocain powder was in front of the PSOE, not the PP!

Atrios said it best: "The people of Spain voted out the party which failed to protect them from a terrorist attack, and this proves they aren't serious about fighting terrorism."

Listen, I'm not giving a single thought to what the terrorists of the world might want when I walk into the voting booth. I'm not really that scared of terrorists. They piss me off, for sure, but I'm not considering their needs, wants or desires when I vote. I'm sure the people of Spain weren't thinking about what the terrorists wanted, either. Maybe they've had a scare campaign going on there like we've had here in the U.S., and after all this fear, the PP still failed to protect them in their own damn living room. That sounds like a really good reason to vote against the PP.

If it turns out the PP was using their homegrown terrorists to scare their own people, even when evidence pointed towards someone else -- well, the PP deserves a fate slightly worse than simply being thrown out of office.

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