Cead Mile Failte! (Except for George W. Bush - how do you say "A hundred thousand pissed off Irish people" in Gaelic?)

Bush will be visiting Ireland this June and there are some Irish people who don't want him to come. I would like very much to visit Ireland *and* protest Bush at the same time, so I'm going to see if I can find the money in my budget to make that happen. If not, maybe I'll send the Mr., who has never been to Ireland and longs to drink the superior Guinness that is served there.

Sheitgeist had a great article about the Bush invasion of Ireland. It's going to cost Ireland a pretty punt (well, it would've before the euro was adopted, anyway) to keep Bush safe and secure from those pesky anti-war protesters.

Bush is also asking for immunity in case anyone protecting him "accidentally" kills a war protester or two, and the whole package he asked for when he visited England last year, war planes, close down the whole city, don't let anyone who won't smile and shake his hand for the camera anywhere within 100 miles of him, etc.

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