Clarke on The Daily Show

Richard Clarke was interviewed by Jon Stewart on The Daily Show tonight. Jon, as always, asks more insightful questions than the not fake journalists routinely ask. First off - he read the book, which right there puts him ahead of many journos.

(Sidebar: One of the reasons I have a deep and abiding love for Jon Stewart is he eases my partisan anguish by convincing me, if only for a few brief moments, that it is possible for reasonable people to simply disagree and possibly hammer out some sort of solution to all our problems if we just stop demonizing one another and get to work. Alas, I then read some headline that convinces me that the Republican Party will not be satisfied until they have made Democrats extinct and I realize that not everyone is a reasonable person, but I love Jon for making me feel less angry and making me laugh, particularly during such trying times.)

Clarke came off quite well - he was serious but not humorless, he had a warmth that would not have been appropriate in front of the 9/11 commission and wouldn't have come off as well on 60 Minutes, and he spoke in the straightforward manner that we hear all too infrequently from anyone associated with government. It wasn't the funniest episode of TDS ever, but I enjoyed it.

By the way, I'm going to see The Daily Show next week!!! I got the tickets for my husband, who will be celebrating his birthday later this week (and they're free tickets, so kudos to me for my frugality).

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