Bionic Sister/Delicious

My younger sister had one of her hips replaced today. I talked to her a few hours ago, she was still a little groggy. I asked her if they had her all hopped up on painkillers, and she said they must, because she didn't feel like they did anything at all. If she's up for a visit, we'll go see her tomorrow.

I have more than just a passing interest in how her surgery went and how her recovery will go, since I will be getting my hip replaced in the nearish future (provided I lose this damn extra fat that's been hanging out all over my body).

In other news around here, Monkey and two of her friends from school have started a band called Delicious. I use the term band generously, since none of them are playing any instruments. However, Monkey did write a song called "The Break-Up" (because really, who knows more about the pain of breaking up than a 9 year old?) It's actually not half bad - if someone handed it to Beyonce, it would probably be a hit.

My favorite thing about this little girl group is that they have a theme song called Delicious. I had the pleasure of watching Monkey & Co. debut this song with the accompanying dance. An odd combination of feelings were running through me - I was smiling, and I almost wanted to laugh at the gorgeous innocence of these kids singing about something they don't really know anything about, but I was also really proud that they created something.

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