I'm a bigger part of the problem...for now

I mentioned in an earlier post that my car had brief fling with a jersey barrier and came out the worse for wear. Well, on Friday, Loki and I took the car to the body shop, and we picked up the rental car provided by our insurance company.

Except it wasn't a car, it was a fucking behemoth SUV/pick-up truck mash-up. This, my friends, was a vehicle that says something about the man driving it, and what it says is "the man driving me has a micro-penis".

We asked if we could exchange it for something normal sized, but this was all they had, so we took it home.

I have to confess that it is nice to be up so high, and that my hip really appreciates the comfortable seating. My hip isn't so keen on how hard it has to work to hoist my fat ass into the truck, though. And the best mileage we've been able to achieve thus far is 14.7 MPG. That's criminal.

We should find out tomorrow if the car is totalled or fixable (I think it will be fixable), and I can't wait to get back to my normal car. In the meantime, I have a call into the rental agency to see if we can exchange this monstrosity now that the holiday weekend is over.

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