You rocked, Veronica Mars

Tonight was the two hour season and series ender of yet another show that I loved like a family member, but no one else seemed to watch. Ordinarily, I would just go to the forums at Television Without Pity to commiserate with my fellow fans, but the forums have been rendered unreadable by all the fangirls and boys who don't seem to understand that Logan Echolls is a fictional character. (Yes, Jason Dohring and Kristen Bell had awesome chemistry, and Logan was trying to redeem himself, but he was still a little bit of a psychotic jackass underneath all the moping.)

Veronica Mars suffered from having a nearly perfect first season. I resisted watching the show at first, because everyone I knew who liked Buffy said "you'll love this show" - and I wasn't ready to say goodbye to Buffy, really, so I refused to believe that anything could compare.

But my curiousity got the better of me and I picked up the first season on DVD. In the first episode, we learn that Veronica's dad used to be the Sheriff of Neptune, CA, but was forced out of office after accusing a grieving -and powerful- father of killing his own daughter, Veronica's best friend, Lilly. We learn that the shame of that sent Veronica's mom packing, that Veronica went from being popular to being shunned, and the kicker, we learn that Veronica was roofied and raped at a party. We also learn that Veronica does not take shit from anyone, and I love her so much for that.

These mysteries play out through season 1, and even end up being revisited in season 2, although we do get plenty of answers in the last episode of the first season. After a nearly perfect first season, though, seasons 2 and 3 couldn't quite live up to the hype (you might have missed the hype, but it was there, brewing, quietly).

Season 3 was like the current Democratic Congress - too much compromise rendered it unappealing to nearly everyone. (Note: I still support many of our Democrats that are in office, I will continue to vote for Democrats, and Republicans still are a horror show). But I had hope that it could make a comeback, and I felt like the last two episodes really returned to the noir feel of season 1.

But that's all we'll get. I'm sad, because Veronica was kickass and a feminist role model, and now she's gone.

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