My least favorite part of the whole sending a kid to college experience:

The figuring out how to pay for sending said kid to college! I have a feeling that I will be relieved when I get to the actual paying, because then it will just be a number of dollars that I have to give the school for each of the 10 monthly payments, not a series of percentages and rate reductions and deferments and tax benefits and interest and terms, etc., etc.

My head is spinning with all the loan programs and jargon and loan consultants and financial aid people that I've been hearing about/reading/talking to. We'll probably take on slightly more debt than is recommended, but I figure I'm young, I have a lot of years to make more money, and I have a pension that I will be fully vested in this July and a 401K that I haven't contributed to in the past 5 years but is still growing, so I'm not robbing my retirement.

But I feel like we are about to enter a precarious balancing act, and I hope we can all stay upright. We had a rough April, financially, and we are still digging ourselves out of that hole, and at the end of this month, my church job ends for the summer. I'm pretty sure I'm going to find a part-time job over the summer, and in the meantime, I'm just socking money into the savings account, paying all the bills as soon as they come in, and making a lot of pasta dishes because pasta is cheap.

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