Quickies about Christmas 2006

1. Monkey was fairly ill on Friday, and sick enough on Saturday that we took her into the doctor's office. She had a fever of 101 and a terrible cough, but the doctor said her lungs were clear. He said to give her some Robitussin and plenty of fluids. We went home, and Loki went out shopping. There was nothing on TV, so I put on two shows I had recorded from PBS, Judy Garland Duets and Liza with a Z. This further cements my standing as a gay man, albeit a particular stereotype of a gay man.

2. Sio had a customer who got mad at her when she said "Happy Holidays" to him. She explained that she was trying to construct a friendly greeting that would be inclusive of all, believers and non-believers. He had no response.

3. The rather conservative middle-aged woman who sits next to me in the choir loft practically had an apopletic fit when Rev. Right-Wing started to suggest that, were Mary pregnant with Jesus today, she probably would terminate the pregnancy. I am not coming back to sing after this church year is over. I can't take this guy anymore.

4. What was your favorite Christmas gift? Here's a picture of mine:

5. We played Rummy Royal today after we ate. I had amazing poker hand after amazing poker hand, including my first ever straight flush, which kept netting me .05 pots, since we were only playing for pennies. But when we played showdown for the $1 plus on the King/Queen and 6-7-8, I got diddly squat. I ended up losing about .90 cents.

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