Perspective, dude

Last night, I was suffering from insomnia, as I occasionally do, and so I flipped through my DVR list to see if there was anything I wanted to watch. I had recorded, on a whim, the A&E movie "Wedding Wars", primarily because Sean Maher from Firefly was in the cast.

The movie was silly, and possibly even borderline offensive. All the gays in the movie were hairdressers, wedding planners, waiters, florists - except for Sean Maher, who is a state prosecutor, but we learn early in the movie that he cannot catch, which is some kind of fun double entendre, I'm sure, but made me roll my eyes - I bet he was terrible in gym. Although the payoff at the end....no, it was just stupid.

Not in the eyes of Peter LaBarbera, the man who cruises gay bars so you don't have to.

I would comment on the level of insecurity one must have about their own sexuality to make an entire career out of basically saying "I'm not gay!", but LaBarbera honestly just makes me laugh. More than Wedding Wars did. I mean, c'mon, we're supposed to believe that Uncle Jesse wants to marry Simon Tam, but he can't even muster the passion to give anything more than a tight-lipped "our lips are touching but we're not really kissing" kiss? If this is homosexual propaganda, I want to see some man-on-man open mouth kissing, at least. You know, like on Torchwood. Yeah, that's a kiss that would make me want to be a gay man.

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