Dog Park

The hound and I visited the Wethersfield Dog Park today. Aside from the near-concussion I gave myself while opening the door of the car (I was bending down so I could grab Stinky's leash before he jumped out, and didn't pay attention to the door, and I slammed it - hard - into my head. I've got a nice bump) a good time was had. Stinky met another Basset Hound, 2 Great Danes (each had a different owner, and they were freaking enormous), a couple of Shetland Sheepdogs, a Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier who found Stinky's long ears irresistable, a couple of labs, an Italian Greyhound who was humping all the other dogs (but mostly their legs), and assorted mutts of various sizes.

Stinky had a great time, and he actually came when I called him to go home. And he's basically been sacked out ever since then. I love the dog park, I hope someone in Manchester is working on building one here.

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