It went okay. My first solo (which I didn't record) wasn't so hot, it was really low and I was really warmed up, and it sounded better in my head then when I opened my mouth (although it got better as I went along.)

The Ave Maria trio went quite well, although I was seriously outmatched vocally by our awesome soprano section leader and our tenor organist. My voice is too untrained to really fit in well with them. I hate these moments when I realize that I may never be good enough to succeed at something I love so much. Maybe I should just sing for fun. Or maybe I just need more training.

Right now, YouTube is uploading the videos, although I may not be able to share them until tomorrow morning.

I watched them on my computer, and I was struck by the fact that in the recording, it's like we didn't sing with any dynamics at all on Little Lamb. I think we were just too loud for the whole song. I'll try to record Sio's a capella group performing this one for contrast - those kids are awesome. But really, our choir should be a lot better, considering a significant number of the singers are professionals. Maybe it's just the poor quality of the audio on my camera, but I'm a little disappointed their wasn't more dynamic contrast in this piece. Still, it's gorgeous.

I'll update when the vids are ready.
Shoot, can't put up Ave Maria. It's too big of a file. Any ideas, readers who are more technical savvy than I?

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