4 truths and a lie

ANSWER: Surprisingly, the correct answer is the only number that no one picked. I did once accidentally hit a beehive with a baseball bat, which netted me about 12 stings, but the event I described in #3 actually happened to my cousin Kevin.

I didn't talk to the school psychiatrist because I was in surly teen angst mode. I was a cheerleader, albeit a reluctant one, for 3 years (my younger sister wanted to be a cheerleader, and my mother didn't want her to do it herself, so I joined the squad, too.) I was in Hair, and I did the nude scene, and we sold out nearly every performance in a 125 seat theater for a 6 week run, so lots of people have seen me naked, however briefly. And as for story #5, the first time I went to Ireland, I was very excited to see the baby chickens. I managed to catch one, and I was so excited that I did indeed squeeze the life out of the poor thing. I felt terrible, and I have such a clear memory of my father taking the dead chick from my hands and tossing it into a field of thistle.

I've been tagged by Sis.

1. When I was a freshman in high school, I got caught forging my mother's name on a permission slip by my religion teacher. In addition to getting detention, I had to see the school psychiatrist, but I refused to talk to her.

2. Despite my hip displaysia, I was a cheerleader for the town football team for three years.

3. When I was about 11 years old, I accidentally fell into a wasp nest and got stung about 40 times.

4. Because I was in a production of the musical Hair, over 1100 people have seen me naked.

5. When I was three years old, I squeezed a baby chicken to death in my hands, because I was so excited that I caught it.

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