Concert Tonight

I have a concert tonight at the church. Every other year I've been there, the concert was called "What Sweeter Music", and we sang John Rutter's composition of the same name. This year, it's called "Sing, Noel", and it's a very British Xmas - Wexford Carol, Shepherd's Pipe Carol, The Holy Boy...everything sounds really super English. And I'm not thrilled about that, it's all so similar.

My favorite piece we are doing is Joel Phillip's Little Lamb - it is a gorgeous piece, and I hope to get Monkey to record it so I can put it up on YouTube later tonight. My next favorite piece is Franz Biebl's Ave Maria, I'm singing in a trio on Chorus 1. I'm having a huge mindsuckhole on the E flat at measure 6, though, and another mindsuckhole on the A flat at measure 18, and again at measure 43. For some reason, I cannot make myself hear these notes in my head before I open my mouth to sing. I'm just going to sit down at a piano before the concert and pound those notes into my head. I'll see if I can get Monkey to record that one, too. I'm sure I will resemble a rotund blue elf in my robe, standing next to our organist who is approximately a foot taller than me.

So wish me luck! And Sio, she's also in the choir, and she's incredible, I am always impressed with her musicianship.

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