Shining up some apples

Tomorrow evening I go back to school again.

I love school. In high school, I used to make a show of complaining about, just like everyone else did, but my favorite day of the week during my senior year was Tuesday: I had literary magazine before school (7-7:45 a.m.), regular day of school (7:50-2:00), drama club after school (2:30-6pm), and then an hour break until Chamber singers at 7pm, which went until 9:30 p.m. On the hour break, all of the drama club members who were also in Chamber singers would go out to dinner together.

I didn't love every minute of the day - my second period was History, which was an easy A for me, so I slept during that class. My third period was Chemistry, which I only survived because I chose my lab partner wisely.

Now that I'm studying something I love with a passion, I love school even more. Yes, I have 2 more pesky math classes to get through, but after that, it's nothing but music.

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