Hyp-mu-tized; plus, my boring suburban life

I am incredibly suggestible when it comes to music. My family has begun to use this against me. This weekend, Loki got me to start singing "I Touch Myself" in public, just by humming a few bars of it earlier in the day. And now Monkey has started to sing little bits of songs that I hate, just so she can laugh at me when an hour or so later, I start humming the hated tune.

I blame my mother.


This weekend, Monkey and I went to the mall. I know, already it's so boring and suburban, and I haven't even mentioned the fact that I got a Prescriptives makeover (Prescriptives, the makeup that sounds like medicine!) and Monkey spent $20 hard earned bucks at a store I find personally offensive, Libby Lu. I pray she grows out of her fascination with the tweenage lifestyle marketed by Disney. Why, when I was a youngers, there was no such thing as tweens - you went from infant (0-2) to toddler (2-3.8) to kid (3.9-12) to teenager (13-18). At that point, most people go into their drunken college years, but I went straight to motherhood. I fully intend to go through my drunken college years in my 40s.

But now there is this whole industry preying on tweens (t'aint a kid, t'aint a teen, just somewhere in beTWEEN). I try very hard not to freak out about it - I survived the Valley Girl years and being a Durannie, this too shall pass.


In other boring suburban news, Sio and I are going to redo the kitchen. That means that Sio will be priming and painting, and I will be paying. We have a chair rail that runs along the wall, well north of where any chair would be, and everything above that will be green, everything below will be blue, and the trim is a vanilla cream color. In addition, my father is going to redo the laminate counters, to a color called "ubatuba granite". Except it won't be granite, it will be formica, because granite is fucking expensive.

I am quite possibly the laziest and most indecisive decorator ever, so if this actually happens, it will be amazing.


In other news, Sio got a job! She was offered another job at a vet's office, but she couldn't accommodate the hours they wanted her to be there, so instead she's working at our local market. She can walk there, and they aren't open crazy hours or holidays, so it should work out okay.

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