Bad News

I went to the mall tonight. But that's not my bad news.

Sio wanted to do a little back to school shopping, and I wanted to inquire about wireless service (fully 78% of the stores and kiosks in the mall are wireless providers), so we went to the local mall.

My bad news is this: the 80s are back.

Not only was I having acid flashbacks* just from stepping through the threshold of H&M, but I also saw individual people walking around in unfortunate clothes ripped from my adolescence.

I saw pegged pants.

I saw striped tops (bold color and white, bold color and neutral.

I saw Flashdance sweatshirts.

I saw Gauchos, people. Gauchos. And I'm not talking about Argentine cowboys.

Why must we relive the fashion tragedies of the past?

*I never actually took acid. I attribute the flashback to the night I spent with my best friend, who did take a hit of acid, and then tried to put her hand through a plate glass window because it looked juicy. A vicarious acid trip, but a very real flashback.

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