Tired can't sleep

I really should just head into bed at 9:00 every night, which is when I always seem to feel incredibly tired. But I never can, because there is still so much to do - dishes & laundry, of course, but then regular time wasting stuff like watching TV.

Then I go past the tired feeling, and I get a second wind. And tonight, I'm feeling not so good, so every time I lie down, my stomach starts making noises, and I have to get up again.

It's been a pretty good week this week. Ned Lamont is on the ballot! We've all been eating better because I've been focusing on making more well-balanced meals. We had some sun this week, which was exciting. I finally went to Pandora and set up my radio. I have to add some of the more upbeat stuff I like, because thus far, my radio is really low-tempo.

Today was a crazy day, weather-wise. Beautiful sunny morning with the promise of warmth. By the time we got out of church (I spent the sermon with Elizabeth Bennett and Mr. Darcy rather than listen to Rev. Right-Wing), it was gray.

When we got home, me and the girls played outside with Dopey* the Basset Hound. We were throwing a ball around, and he would go racing after it, ears flying. He brought it back like he was a retriever. But after 10 minutes, he just plopped down flat on his way to get the ball, and then he wandered back and rolled over onto his back so we could rub his belly. I'm going to videotape it tomorrow, because seeing a basset hound run at full speed is something that no one should miss.

For dinner tonight, I grilled some cheeseburgers and made salt potatoes. I planned to make corn, but I forgot to make it, and we had more than enough food already, since it was just Sio and I. This week we'll have rehearsal for our pops concert, a concert at Sio's school, regular choir rehearsal, a field trip to the Mark Twain house...I think that's it. I'm going to give sleep another try now.

*Not his real name.

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