Blogging against disablism

I missed blogging against disablism day yesterday, in part because I misinterpreted the term "disablism" on first glance, and wondered why people were against the disabled. Reading is fundamental!

Disability is going to be a featured player in my life and the lives of everyone in my family a few years down the road. In addition to my own functional disability caused by severe osteoarthritis (which will be cured, in effect, when I get my hip replaced, but will come back when the artificial hip fails, as it inevitably will), my younger sister (MYS) has severe rheumatoid arthritis. She is still in her 20's and already needs both her hips replaced, so it's not a question: she *will* be in a wheelchair when she gets older, as will I.

I worry about MYS from a medical/health/logistical perspective: how will she be able to pay for all her medications, just one of which costs over $1000 a month? Why won't she come to swimming lessons, so she can engage in the best exercise to keep her joints moving? How will she be able to get to the bathroom, which is 12 stairs away?

Loki always worries about MYS from a different perspective: who will love her and make sure she doesn't wither away in loneliness?

And both of those perspectives are important and necessary. And I don't have the answers to either one of them.

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