Sio had an awards ceremony at school tonight. The first of at least three separate evenings dedicated to giving awards. She won a book award from St. Joseph College (Loki, in a soft brogue: "It's all right, son, it's Saint Joseph's") and a participation award for math team. Soon will be the Performing Arts awards, and then there is one other one...but I can't remember, that may be vocational awards, and she won't get anything for that.

She's actually had a rough year this year. She's struggled in pre-calculus, and she's lost all interest in History. Right now, she's having trouble concentrating because her psoriasis, which went into lovely remission after her trip to Greece, is back with a vengeance.

She went to school today wearing a short sleeved, v-neck t-shirt and shorts, and she stopped at the nurse's office to get some hydrocortisone cream, since that's one of the things public school kids aren't allowed to carry. The nurse expressed surprise that Sio would expose her skin like that, basically suggesting that Sio should be ashamed of her psoriasis and try to hide it.

Sio was pissed. She said "what if I wasn't confident with my body, what if I did feel ashamed, and someone like a nurse condoned that shame?" Damn right, Sio. That nurse was out of bounds.

Sio starts phototherapy on Thursday, which should clear up the psoriasis. Right now, she looks like she has the worst case of chicken pox in the history of the world. But she is still the most beautiful person I know.

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