Not in my job description, but....

Today, instead of working on the many projects I have going, many of which are behind schedule because of my vacation and yesterday's car accident, my boss asked me to babysit her son. He has impetigo, so he can't go to daycare, so she brought him to the office, because she has meetings today and the world would crumble if she wasn't there to make sure it didn't*.

So instead of working on my actual job, I spent the morning watching Arthur and Thomas the Tank Engine and drawing pictures of various animals and doing all my stupid human tricks (whistling with my hands, armpit farting, juggling, levitating). My charge was particularly impressed by the levitating, which surprised me, because usually, little boys in his age range are all about armpit farts.

*I badmouth my boss a bit, but I really have a like/dislike relationship with her. I dislike working for her - she's a perfectionist control freak. But I really like her - she's funny and smart and witty and a pleasure to talk to...as long as we aren't talking about work.

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