Help, Mom! There's a right-wing asshole in the pulpit!

Just in brief, here are things that the new dick in charge at church mentioned in his sermon:

The war on Christmas
Marxism is an extremist religion
Christians should not be tolerant of people with other religious beliefs
all religious beliefs except for Christianity are lies
even some branches of Christianity are suspect (I'm looking at you, Catholics)
There is no such thing as evolution

I got up and left before my head exploded, but I'm still furious this morning.

Our soprano section leader left the same time as I did, and as we were hanging up our robes, I said "if I wanted to listen to right-wing political bullshit, I'd watch Fox news". She said she's actively looking for another church job, because she doesn't think she can take another week of this. She's hugely talented and a soprano, so I don't doubt she'll find a good job, but I might have some trouble - altos are a dime a dozen, and while I am a fairly skilled sightreader, and have loads of singing experience, I have more of a soulful/jazzy/blues kind of voice, where most choirs are your standard classical style.

I'm also contemplating writing an anonymous letter to the Prudential Board of the church to complain about the downright lies that the new Rev. is preaching.

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