I just realized

My blog just had it's second birthday last week, and I completely forgot. I started blogging on 3/10/2004, as a result of a round of "where are the women bloggers". I'm not a great blogger - I don't post any scoops or get people motivated to action, I mostly complain and sometimes rant, and sometimes I just post out of sheer boredom, but most days, I enjoy having a place to express myself, even when no one is reading. (Then there are the other days, where I wonder at my own vapid inability to come up with anything witty, clever, entertaining or enlightening to write about. Like today, for example.)

Last year, on my blog's birthday, I promised more pictures and sex. I delivered on at least one of those things. This year, I have a feeling there will be more navel gazing, as I seem to be entering a time of existential angst. Please bear with me as I reexperience my adolescence - it probably won't last long.

Thanks to all my commenters for commenting, reminding me that I do in fact exist. Thanks especially to Shakespeare's Sister for letting me whore the blog at her site 3 days a week and just being generally supportive.

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