Best Laid Plans

I cannot report on the Ned Lamont event. Instead of going to my meeting and then heading back to work before going to the event, I had a car accident.

Well, it wasn't my accident, actually. My boss was making a U-turn (illegal, but she did signal) and the car behind us tried to go around her, but instead plowed into the driver's side of the car. She's 8 months pregnant, so she was seriously freaked out. We were in the middle of the road for about an hour, the police came, the ambulance took the people in the other car to the hospital, and we eventually got back on our way. She didn't want to take the ambulance, but she did go to the hospital, where they admitted her for observation.

By the time I got back to work, the event was in full swing and I had to leave to take Monkey to her music lessons, so I had to be satisfied with driving by the Old State House and honking my horn and giving the pro-Lamont demonstrators a thumbs up.

I was feeling fine, earlier - I think I've been in bumper cars that jostled me more - but now I'm starting to feel a few aches and pains, so I may be heading to the doctor myself.

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