Wild in the city

I love reading about wild animals in the heart of the city. I know they coyotes can be, at best, a nuisance, and at worst, a real danger, but there is something so viscerally pleasing about the idea of a wild animal roaming the streets of Manhattan.

When I worked for a certain oldest continuously published newspaper in the United States, I volunteered to work on Saturday mornings (old suck-ups die hard). I had to be in at 6am, and I really enjoyed coming into the quiet city, not fighting with any traffic. And since it was Hartford on the weekend, there were no people to be found, either.

One Saturday morning, I was near the train station, about to head towards Farmington Avenue, and a huge deer jumped out in front of me. It was a buck, and I wondered for a moment if The Hartford Insurance Co. was shooting a commercial. But they weren't, it was just me and the deer in downtown Hartford.

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