Things that inexplicably piss me off

I'm not an anti-technology person. I was an early adopter of the internet, back in the early 90's, when you could actually look at every single homepage that existed. But I find that I seem to be a member of an ever diminishing group of people: people who don't need to constantly be reachable.

Everywhere I go now, I see people: businessmen, teenagers, soccer moms, etc. wearing these godamn earpiece things. I can't fully articulate *why* they piss me off (is it the implied importance of the person - so important that they cannot be out of range? is it because they look so stupid? is it because this isn't really The Matrix and we don't need to have access to phone lines to leap back to reality? Maybe it's all of those reasons.)

I meant to complain about these at Christmas time. I was at my younger sister's house, and we were talking about stupid gifts, and I said "you know what really makes me sick?" and she immediately said "chocolate fountains, and you're so right, they're disgusting", because she's smart and classy.

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