Something to keep my mind of the SOTU

I was so excited after class tonight that I totally forgot the SOTU was even going to be on. This is my third semester taking the madrigal ensemble. My first semester, we had a very nice lady teaching the class, but she was not such a great conductor, and she had a very poor sense of what music would be appropriate for a small (14 voice or less) ensemble. My second semester, the teacher was a lot better, but she had an odd style of conducting and never really pulled us together as a group.

This semester, we have yet another teacher, and he is already 10 times better than the teacher we had last semester, which makes him roughly 1000 times better than the teacher we had two semesters ago. Here are the top three things I already love about him:

1. He has included as part of the repertoire a song that has a kickass alto solo that I know I am going to get, because I have soul, and I am going to *kill* at my audition.
2. When we got into class, copies of the course outline, grading rubric, copies of all the music, and a CD that includes piano reductions of all the parts were sitting on our sets. The man was prepared.
3. In our first class, we sight-read three songs. Last semester, we would be lucky to get through one song at each class. Two semesters ago, we would do nothing but warm-ups because she didn't have any music.

So I was all giddy and excited, at least until I remembered that Bush was going to be invading the airwaves tonight, and me without any alcohol.

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