GOP is corrupt, Deborah Howell can bite me, Bush sucks

Just wanted to remind everyone of my stance on some of the issues of the day.

I'm in full-bore vacation planning mode, which is why I haven't posted much. After many exhausting hours spent in front of the computer searching for good hotel deals, I decided to go in an entirely different direction and see if we could find a vacation rental. I hit some paydirt there, and now I'm trying to drag an opinion out of Loki about which vacation rental he likes best, and then I'll make the decision. (In fact, I may have already made the decision - I found a 2 BR apartment in the 13th arrondissement - but on the border of the 5th, for $480, which includes internet. 2 BRs is key - many of the places in our price range are studios, and that won't do, because I plan to get lucky while I'm in the City of Lights.)

Monkey is starting a Conversational French class today, which is just a beautiful coincidence - they are offering it for free at her school. I have dusted off my 7th grade quarter of French (Quelle heur est? Parlez vous anglais? Je m'appelle Maureen. Je non parle pas francais. Fermez le bouche!) As usual, my pronuciation est bon, but my comprehension est mal. Thankfully, Loki took French for 4 years and he remembers everything, and Sio speaks and comprehends very well.

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