I need a vacation

I'm dreaming of sandy beaches and foreign lands. I'm feeling anxious and upset these days, and I don't really have a reason (other than the usual) for it, so I am going to assume it's because I need a vacation.

Clan Maurinsky was actually thinking about heading to the Grand Canyon for February vacation this year, but it's not going to work - we can afford to either go there or have a place to stay there, but not both at the same time. We are also contemplating heading overseas, which actually costs less airfare-wise, but I'd rather have more time to plan a vacation like that, so we may push it off until next year (I'm thinking Ireland/England/Paris, 14 day trip. We'd only have to pay for accommodations in Paris, since I've got lovely family in Ireland and England. Wouldn't that be a hell of a graduation present for Sio?*)

So my second idea, which I haven't floated by the vacation committee yet, is a trip to the Kennedy Space Center, which would definitely get a thumbs up from Loki, but goes against my stand against spending money in a state governed by a Bush.

Then again, maybe I'll just stay put. My town is pretty damn awesome.

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