5 Weird Things About Me

As seen on Shakespeare's Sister and Some Watery Thoughts:

1. As a child, I was terrified of vacuum cleaners, fireworks, and the car wash. When my mother vacuumed, I would not allow my feet to touch the floor, even if I was in a different room. In the case of the last item, whenever my mother would go through the car wash, I would cower on the floor of the car with my eyes closed.

2. I can't sleep in a bed if any of the blankets or sheets are tucked in.

3. I can't wear watches - every watch I've ever owned has stopped working within 30 days. I think it's some kind of electromagnetic thing.

4. I don't wear any jewelry, not even my wedding ring. I think jewelry is lovely, I love buying it for my sisters, but it drives me nuts when I wear it.

5. I don't get grossed out too easily, but wet paper makes me dry heave. That's why I won't use public restrooms unless I'm absolutely desperate.

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