Oh, that brings me back

Sio just called me from home - school closed early because of a bomb threat. She was in the library when the alarm went off, and all her stuff is still there, because they won't let anyone back in the school. She's pissed, because she was working on her junior thesis, so all her notes are sitting on a table in the library. All because some joker wrote "There's a bomb in the school" on the bathroom sink. They have to take all threats seriously, and I wouldn't argue otherwise, but I will be amazed if they actually find anything close to a bomb.

That does bring me back to my own high school days, though. My senior year, we had bomb threats on a weekly basis, particularly as spring rolled around. We had so many of them that my teachers just started teaching outside - I remember having chorus rehearsal on the lawn. No bombs were ever found, and I don't think they ever caught the person who was making the threats (although there were rumours aplenty.)

Last night, I went to Sio's school for their Midwinter Concert, and it was outstanding. There were performance by the Percussion Ensemble, the Chamber Orchestra, the Wind Ensemble, the Roundtable Singers, and my favorite group of the night, the Jazz Combo, a group of 8 gifted students from the Wind and Percussion ensembles plus a piano player and a bass player. I had to leave early, so I missed the Jazz Band, which is always excellent.

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